Getting Vacuuming Right

When it comes to cleaning, most people really are not keen on it. There is a lot involved in keeping a house clean and tidy. Unfortunately, unlike in the old days, very few people can afford an army of servants. Fortunately, there are a lot of labour-saving devices that we can use. A vacuum cleaner is one of the best tools we have when it comes to cleaning – almost every home has one and they do make life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning. Unfortunately, vacuuming is not the most fun.

Getting vacuuming right is not that hard but it is more than just pushing a vacuum across the floor. Start off by getting to know your machine properly – read through the manufacturer’s manual carefully and make sure that you understand properly how things work.

Find out whether or not you need to buy replacement bags or whether or not your machine has a reusable bag. Some machines have a canister and this is probably the easiest type to use. It is important to clean the dirt out on a regular basis – at least every second time that you use it to make sure it works.

The next thing that you want to check is whether or not you need to change the height of the rollers for different lengths of carpets. This is important to check because if the height is wrong, the machine will not be able to work properly. It must also not be too close to the ground.

When you are ready to start cleaning, make sure that everything is out of the way as far as possible. Do not forget to reach under the furniture as far as possible – the dust gathers under there just as much.

As soon as this is ready, you are in a position to get started. You need to work methodically in a clear, slow motion back and forth across the carpet. Give the machine time to work.

Should you need to, this is where knowing what each of the accessories does will be useful. There are attachments that help you clean in the tiny spaces and others that really concentrate the sucking action. Be sure to use the right attachment for the optimal cleaning ability – whilst it may seem a bit silly to clean in the corners at first, dust can build up there in a hurry.